Hi! my name is Annabelle the owner of Bellaluxe INC. I'm from a small village in New-Brunswick, Canada I'm a Momentrepreneur.  During my career, All the way from owning a bar to selling and financing vehicle, I always had that little entrepreneur mindset deep down in my heart. I was born with a passion. Makeup, Art, Music. After trying many time with Direct selling business with cosmetics and failing over and over again, I have decide to create my Brand and to give access to other individual to earn their fair share. No stress of building a team, no restriction, no headache. Our affiliated program give you the opportunity to earn a little extra. It's free and there is no risk of loosing money. There is so many people that could give everything to succeed, to help others. Sometimes, we have to take other opportunities, learn, and become Fierce and Strong. Life is a learning experience, and this can't be buy. Welcome to my world, Welcome to BellaLuxe.