BB Glow Porcelain Skin - salon services
BB Glow Porcelain Skin - salon services
BB Glow Porcelain Skin - salon services
BB Glow Porcelain Skin - salon services
BB Glow Porcelain Skin - salon services

BB Glow Porcelain Skin - salon services

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What Is BB Glow ?

 BB Glow is the latest cosmetic trend originating from South Korea and Singapore. It is a semi-permanent skin foundation which substitutes the need of using foundation creams on an everyday basis. The BB serum, containing anti-aging ingredients, antioxidants, and vitamins, is safely applied into the uppermost layer of the skin by a special Derma Pen using a nano needling technology and micro-needling, making the skin looks naturally better immediately and for a long time.


What Are the Effects?

  • Evens out blemishes, discoloration, and hyperpigmentation
  • Reduces under-eye bag, fine lines, wrinkles, or freckles
  • Increases the youthful and healthier appearance
  • Decreases enlarged or clogged pours and blackheads
  • Adds vitamins, anti-aging ingredients, and antioxidants
  • Stimulates natural collagen production and pigment glow
  • Creates delicate foundation effect
  • Covers up facial skin flaws
  • Smooths and moisturises
  • Immediate and long-lasting
  • Does not clog pores like any foundation products

What Aftercare Is Required?


After you have had your BB Glow treatment it is recommended to follow a few steps in order to assure the most effective outcome and lasting of the treatment.


No excessive facial cleansing for a minimum of 24 hours

No skin touching for a minimum of 12 hours

5 days with no make-up or skin peel

7 days with no swimming

14 days with no direct heat including sunbathing, sauna, or sun bed

What products are used? 

  1. BB Glow STAYVE Dermawhite Exfoliating Gel 

Containing a synergetic combination of shikimic and mandelic acid, the gel has a powerful cleaning effect on the top layer of the skin. It refreshes the skin, removes dead cells from pores, stimulates regeneration of deeper skin layers and enhances skins ability to absorb the BB Glow serums. 

  1. BB Glow STAYVE Dermawhite Neutralizing Foam

The foam contains substances that neutralise the acid from the Dermawhite Exfoliating Gel. It restores the proper pH of the skin, reduces redness and prepares the skin for the next stages of the treatment. 


  1. BB Glow Booster Ampoules 

Micro-needling Glow Booster Ampoules contain vitamins A, B, E and D. There are five types of ampoules to addresses a different skin issue. 


  • Salmon DNA Gold – containing a salmon DNA and a gold powder it is great for the needs of ageing skin as well as treats fine lines, scars, smoothens the skin and balances its tones. 
  • AC Stem Cell Gold – ideal for the treatment of from acne or irritated skin. 
  •  Peptide Gold - helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, strengthen the skin elasticity and promotes skin regeneration.
  • Aqua stem cell culture - highly effective for addressing the needs of ageing skin and repairing the skin throughout. It supports cell growth and skin regeneration.
  • Whitening Stem Cell Culture Ampoule - improves skin elasticity as well as to treat hyperpigmentation.



  1. BB Glow Derma White Pigment Ampoules


 Nano-needling Pigment ampoules contain added foundation, combined with niacinamide and peptide for effective whitening and brightening of the skin. Furthermore, they hydrate the skin and leaves it soft and plump. They are selected according to skin tone and types. There are five main shades which can be blended together as needed.  


  • No 1-2. Light Rose – Pinkish light shade, ideal for people with light skin tones
  • No 1. Light – Lightest shade, ideal for people with light skin tones
  • No 2. Medium – Medium shade, ideal for people with medium skin tones
  • No 3. Dark – Dark shade, ideal for people with deep skin tones
  • No 3-2. Deep Plus – Darkest shade, ideal for people with deep skin tones



  1. BB Glow STAYVE Repair Cream


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